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Our highly experienced and professional translation team offer excellence in Korean translations. Our certified and professional Korean translators help individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments to communicate effectively with Korean speakers around the world. Our top-quality, affordable translation services are guaranteed to bridge the language divide.

We also offer professional Korean translation services that bridges the language gap between businesses, organizations, and individuals. We provide competitively-priced and timely professional translations of website texts, legal document translation, certified translations, business document translations and technical documents, as well as many other types of texts that will help you communicate effectively.

The Importance of the Korean Language Market

South Korea is a technology, manufacturing and industrial powerhouse in Asia with a large market for imports and exports. South Korea has a population of 49 million people. The Korean language is the 12th most spoken language in the world. Companies that seek to expand their operations in Asia cannot ignore the potential opportunities that South Korea offers, both as a client and a supplier.

Why We Excel at Korean Language Translations

Qualified and Professional Korean Translators

All our work is done by highly-qualified Korean translators, including some of the best in the industry. Our team members have impressive educational backgrounds and impeccable expertise in their fields of specialization. They are selected though an elaborate interviewing and screening process. In addition to their translation credentials, many also have degrees in specific fields of medicine, architecture, science, law, and engineering.

Accuracy in Korean Translations

Accuracy in Korean translations is a major quality benchmark in our company. All of our Korean texts are subject to extensive review processes because we understand that convening exact meanings is critical for your long term relationships with your Korean clients or vendors. In some fields, such as medicine, law, engineering and science, accuracy is especially important.

Proven Quality Assurance

The translators, editors, and project managers at LanguageTran abide by strict quality assurance procedures designed to guarantee the successful completion of your Korean language translation project. The results are outstanding Korean language translations. You can count on high-quality work because all our work is done by professionally trained Korean translators, not inaccurate automatic translation software. Our goal is to translate documents that read as if were originally written in the target language.


As in all languages, Korean has several dialects that sometimes need to be considered. Our Korean translators are familiar in the various Korean dialects. Based on your specific needs, we use our vast knowledge of the Korean language to reach your target audience by converting your messages into easily understood Korean translations.

Affordable Korean Translation

LanguageTran can adapt to your specific budgetary needs. We make every effort to provide the right price-quality combination to our clients, using many tools and techniques to help keep costs in check without sacrificing quality.

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