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Say Adeus (Goodbye) to the communications gap with the Portuguese-speaking world. LanguageTran offersPortuguese translation services to help individuals, businesses, and organizations communicate with the Portuguese-speaking world. Our translation company translates a wide array of documents into Portuguese, including legal, medical, and technical documents, book translations, marketing materials, and much more, at reasonable prices.

We also offer professional translation services that bridges the language gap between businesses, organizations, and individuals. We provide competitively-priced and timely professional translations of website texts, legal document translation, certified translations, business document translations and technical documents, as well as many other types of texts that will help you communicate effectively.

Advantages of Translating Your Documentation into Portuguese

More than 220 million people on four continents speak Portuguese and using Portuguese translation services can open the doors to these vast new markets. Portuguese-speaking countries offer substantial marketing opportunities for computer hardware, telecommunications, aircraft and petroleum product manufacturers, amongst many others, as well as service providers.

Why Use Us As Your Translation Agency?

Excellent Translators

Our Portuguese translators have outstanding linguistic credentials, years of experience in translation industry. They also have degrees and/or extensive experience in fields such as medicine, law, and engineering. We assign their work based on the type of Portuguese translation project, matching them with their subject matter expertise. This helps to ensure that the nuances of the Portuguese language are translated properly within the constraints of the specific topic matter.


We strive to make our Portuguese translations as accurate as possible. As a safeguard, we follow strict proofreading and editing procedures. These steps are essential because they help make your document an accurate and effective communications tool that your audience can easily understand. This is particularly important for critically important legal and technical documents.

Portuguese Translation Quality Control

The quality of our Portuguese translation services is superior. We take pride in our work and believe all translations should be done by highly skilled human translators, instead of inaccurate automatic translation software. After the work is translated, it undergoes stringent proofreading, editing, formatting, and cross-checking procedures.


Our translators are Portuguese language experts and are knowledgeable about Portuguese speaking countries and culture. We can take your project and translate it without losing the meaning and spirit of the original information. When translating into Portuguese, we consider the differences between Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese and African Portuguese. If you’re targeting a specific geographic region and your document requires a certain Portuguese dialect, we modify our translations accordingly.


Our goal is to provide our customers the best value in language translation industry by offering outstanding translation quality, affordable prices, and superior customer service.  That’s why we offer a variety of ways to help you stay within your budget. We use several high tech tools and techniques, like our translation memory software, that are designed to save you money.

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