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Say Do Svidaniya (Goodbye) to The Communications Gap

Say Do Svidaniya (Goodbye) to the communications gap with the Russian-speaking world. Russian Translation Service can help businesses, individuals, and organizations communicate with Russian speakers by translating into Russian a variety of projects, such as marketing materials, books, legal, medical translations, and technical documents, and much more, promptly and at affordable prices.

We also offer professional translation services that bridges the language gap between businesses, organizations, and individuals. We provide competitively-priced and timely professional translations of website texts, legal document translation, certified translations, business document translations and technical documents, as well as many other types of texts that will help you communicate effectively.

The Significance of the Russian Language

Russian is the native language of about 250 million people around the world and is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world. It is prominent in the literature, science and industry. About 20 percent of books published worldwide are in Russian. The Internet offers great opportunities to communicate with Russian speakers because it is one of the most widely used language on the web and about 30 million Russian speakers are online worldwide. Russia is the largest trading partner of the U.S. in Eastern Europe and is the destination of a large share of U.S. exports.

Why Use Us As Your Russian Language Translation Provider?

Exceptional Russian Translation Staff

Our Russian translators are among the best in the industry and they have outstanding educational backgrounds and experience. They also have degrees or extensive credentials in fields such as engineering, law, and medicine. All Russian translation projects are assigned to translators with ample experience in the subject matter to assure the variations in the language are translated correctly and understood within the context of the specific field.


You can rely on the accuracy of our Russian translation work. Each Russian translation project must be translated correctly to convey the exact meaning of the original document. In some fields, such as law and oil engineering, this is critically important because small mistakes can lead to serious consequences.

Quality Control

Our Russian translation service follows proven quality control procedures which are enforced by our project managers and followed by our carefully selected Russian translators. Each document undergoes stringent proofreading, editing, formatting, and cross-checking.


We are experts in Russian language translation and we use our expertise to produce texts that seems authentic. We are extremely knowledgeable about the linguistic diversities of the Russian language. If your translation is meant for a specific target audience with a specific Russian dialect, we take this into consideration and adjust our work accordingly.


Our goal is to provide our customers the best value in the translation industry by offering superb Russian translations, excellent customer service, and competitive prices. We don’t reduce our prices by sacrificing the quality of our work. We use several high tech tools and techniques that help cut the costs of your project.

Call us to find out how we can provide you with excellent, affordable Russian translation services.

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