Medical Translation Services

medical-translation-servicesProfessional medical translation services are a must when language differences have the potential of impacting medical care and lead to unintended consequences.

Specialized Medical Translators

Medical translations at LanguageTran are carried out by  professionally educated individuals  trained to understand and properly communicate medical concepts and terminology. Their work plays an critical role in:

  • Patient care and education
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Literature
  • Sharing worldwide medical information
  • International medical litigation

Expert medical translation services provided by LanguageTran assist many health professionals to understand the needs of their patients. In the United States the main language translation need in the health industry is to interpret and translation medical information into and from Spanish. But Spanish  is only one of the many languages required in the health industry.

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Medical Translation Experience

LanguageTran has worked extensively for hospitals/clinics, physicians and medical claim centers around the country to translate:

  • Patient educational materials 
  • Pharmaceutical documentation
  • Research papers
  • HIPPA consent forms
  • Research consent forms
  • Medical claims 

Translation or Interpretation?

In the language industry translation refers to written language and interpretation refers to verbal translations. LanguageTran specializes in translation and provides telephone interpreting services. If you require onsite medical interpreters, please contact us.

Accuracy in Medical Translations Minimizes Errors

Medical terminology and concepts are often complex and critical to properly treat or train patients. Medical translators must be thoroughly trained as to minimize errors that might arise from the complexity of medical communications. History is dotted with stories of medical misunderstandings between doctors and patients that lead to severe consequences.

Some of Our Clients Include

Among many others:

Quality Assurance

Accuracy in medical translations is the result of trained medical linguists, proper project management, state-of-the-art translation management software all working within the framework of Quality Assurance processes. LanguageTran has all the resources in place to assist you with your medical translation needs.



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