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MemoQ Installation Guide for LanguageTran

Installing and using memoQ is an easy process that should take no more than 5-10 minutes. Here is a step by step guide on how to install it.

For more detailed guide about how to install and use memoQ, click here Quick memoQ Start Guide.

Installation and Setup Instructions

  • Download and install memoQ in your computer. Download the memoQ client software from this site. Be careful to download the right version (memoQ Translator Pro 8.x).After the software is downloaded and you click Install, the following window will appear. Click on Finish.

Initial Screen

  • If the Program does not start automatically, look for it in under your Programs tab and click on it to start the program
  • The first window that will appear after starting the program will ask you to activate the program and licenses.

First Activation

  • Click on OK and the Activation Wizard will start automatically.

Activation Wizard

  •  After clicking on Next, select I am a new user. I wish to obtain a serial number and trial license online (this is required for the first installation only).

Newe User

  • To obtain a general license to use memoQ (at not cost), enter your personal information in this window and click NEXT to receive a license automatically.License
  • You still need an additional license to use the software, this is called an ELM license. The following window will appear. Click on I wish to update my ELM licenses from a memoQ server now and click Next.

ELM license

  •  Click on The server is not in the list in the next window (unless the server that you will be working on appears on the list) and click Next.


  • Fill the Server URL field with: and your user name and password fields.

(IMPORTANT – Your user name and password are issued by your LanguageTran project manager).

New Server

  • Click Check login to make verify the connection and license with the server. If it does not succeed, contact your Project Manager.


  • Click on Next. Your software is ready to be used.

To verify if your license is valid?

Go to Tools/Activation and you will see a list of licenses in the memoQ client interface. The Translator Pro license must be active.

Note about your LanguageTran issued license – Be aware that your LanguageTran Project Manager assigns you a Translator Pro license to work on specific projects for a specified periods of time. Your ELM license will be deactivated after such period. If you are working on a new project and your license is not activated, contact your project manager. Extended licenses will be automatically updated when you launch memoQ.





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