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Companies that operate across international borders need to communicate with employees, clients and regulators in many languages. LanguageTran provides business translation services that enable effective communication across languages and cultures.


Translation Solutions for International Communications

Language translations represent a challenge and a significant cost for businesses all over the world. It is not uncommon for companies to use their own bilingual staff members to translate business documentation, in an effort to address this need. Others, resort to automated machine translation tools such as Google Translate.

However, these solutions can backfire when:

  • Translation quality is a must  
  • Field-specific concepts and terminology are needed 
  • Translation work volume is high

Would you entrust the writing legal document  to a non-professional?

We don’t think so. Similarly, professional translators, project managers and multilingual typesetting experts are highly trained and educated individuals. A good translator, for instance, must:

  • comprehend all the nuances of the source language
  • be highly experienced in the subject matter 
  • be an excellent writer in the target language
  • posses a large collection of translation software tools and computer skills.

LanguageTran offers

  • Specialized linguists  
  • A unified and centralized translation environment
  • Proven quality assurance procedures
  • State-of-the-art software and infrastructure

Goodbye complexity and uncertainty

Let us take care of the complexity. If the project is more than a few pages long or involves several languages, it can quickly become a complex task. Our project managers have many years of experience to do your project  right, within budget and on-time.

Eliminate the risk of poor translations

A good translation can often make the difference between reaching your business goals or not. A poor translation can make or break a sale, misrepresent a contractual agreement or simply create confusion and misunderstanding between parties.

If you require time-critical business translations with good quality writing, consider using our team of professional business translators. It will give you peace of mind.

LanguageTran’s Team

Our team of professionals is ready to address all of your business translation needs, from small documents to large multilingual projects. Our client-based approach enables us to guarantee the quality of our work

Our Experience

Business translation services have been a main area of focus for LanguageTran since 2001. We have translated text, audio and video for small and large businesses, including :

  • employee manuals 
  • correspondence
  • annual reports
  • marketing materials
  • training videos and presentations
  • audio and video files

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