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Technical translation services require highly-skilled and specialized technical translators. They must follow proven quality assurance procedures and have access to the latest in translation management tools to render the best work.  LanguageTran has recognized technical translators with many years of experience and supported by a state-of-the-art software platform.


Specializing in:

  • Software and computer localization
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical/Petroleum Engineering
  • Electronics 
  • Manufacturing
  • Basic sciences

Turnkey Solutions

Technical translation service projects often involve multilingual terminology management, work-flow management, tight deadlines, quality control, complex formatting and typesetting and many other issues that should be in the hands of a competent project manager. LanguageTran offers you turnkey translation solutions so you can be confident that your translations are done right the first time. We work with:

  • Operation manuals
  • Specifications
  • Process descriptions
  • Patents
  • Drawings
  • Technical correspondence
  • Scientific papers

Experience You Can Trust

As a Austin, Texas based technical translation services company with offices in Houston we have managed technical language translation services for some of the largest engineering and manufacturing firms in the USA. Some of the areas in which we have been involved include:

  • Translation of documentation for most of the engineering disciplines including: civil, electric, mechanical, petroleum, and chemical engineering
  • Operation and maintenance manuals for heavy equipment, gas and air compressors, control systems, power turbines, chemical and petrochemical process equipment, vehicles, emergency systems, etc.
  • ASTM, API, NOM specifications 
  • Project specifications and procedures
  • Health, Safety and Environmental (HES) documents
  • CAD mechanical and electrical drawings
  • Cause and effect charts and complex industrial process descriptions
  • Manufacturing procedures and quality control documentation

Quality Assurance

The quality of our technical translation services is measured by three variables: accuracy, consistency and grammar (spelling, readability-style and punctuation) and LanguageTran guarantees your satisfaction.

To address these three variables we have established a proven quality procedures which involve:

  1. Selection of team members (project manager, translator(s), proofreader(s), formatter(s))
  2. Preparation of project-specific terminology glossaries
  3. Preparation of translation memory databases to insure consistent terminology and exact translation of duplicate sentences
  4. Translate, proof-read and format the document in specific sequences
  5. Final review
  6. Timely delivery

Patent Translation

Clients often require reliable technical translation services to translate foreign patents.

Clients often only has access to foreign patent abstracts in their own language. However, abstracts omit most of the detailed information that researchers need. Proper translation of full patent documentation is a must for comprehensive evaluations or to assess possible patent infringements. LanguageTran has the human and technical resources to translate any patent, from any language into any language, accurately.

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