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Expand your power to reach clients, employees and stockholders by exposing your products and services to the world using professional website translation services.

Most websites today are only available in one language. This is a good option for companies aiming to serve monolingual markets.

But for those who aim to promote and sell their products and services around the globe they should not assume that everyone on the Internet speaks English.

In fact, recent studies show that most Internet users are NOT ENGLISH SPEAKERS nor do they UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. Check the Top Ten Internet Languages page.

Multilingual Website Translation Services – Options

Websites have the option of hoping that foreign visitors either understand English or that  they  have  the technical ability to use online automated translation services such as Google Translate to read their content.

This is not a good option for website owners whose marketing, sales, and business materials are aimed at opening new markets  overseas. Having a client read a machine translated document will give her a general sense of what the site is about. However, this will show that you don’t take their business very seriously.

Complex Decisions, Easy Solutions

Website owners seeking world-wide exposure should consider using professional website translation services to maximize their assets. To date, the only realistic way of achieving the quality required for a powerful website is by using the services of professional translation services that rely on professional human translators.

A good professional website translation service will offer turnkey solutions to translate website content into foreign languages. They will also provide the knowledge to deploy a multilingual website. These services have teams of experienced project managers, translators, proofreaders and programmers that possess extensive knowledge in their respective fields.

Look for a provider that:

  • Is experienced in deploying multilingual websites.
  • Is familiar with your site’s content management system. 
  • Knows the legal and technical requirements for localizing code for the target language and/or country.
  • Make sure that your provider has the latest software to automate the translation work-process.

Our Team

We have a large pool of specialized translators and software engineers to help you translate your website into/from all languages. Our team is ready to address all your website translation needs, from small sites to large multilingual sites. Our client-based approach is made to customize our services to your needs.

Our Experience

Website translation services have been an important business for our company for several years. Our company has translated thousands of static page HTML sites and database driven sites into/from all main European and Asian languages for large and small companies alike.

Quality Process

We measure the quality of our website translation services based on three variables: accuracy, consistency and reading comprehension.

To address these three variables, we have established a proven quality process which involves:

  1. Selection of team members – project manager, translator(s), proofreader(s), programmer
  2. Preparation of website-specific terminology glossary
  3. Use of translation memory software to insure consistent terminology 
  4. Translate, proofread and format the document
  5. Final review

Whether you communicate with your clients through a website or other media, our website translation services bridge the cultural barriers between you and your global clientele.

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